Coming out, I guess?

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Today I tweeted:

I need to stop getting crushes on straight boys.

— Shea Levy (@shlevy) September 29, 2013

This wasn't meant to be anything significant, but when my dad texted me "Curious to learn more about your latest tweet" I realized some people might not know I'm bisexual1. It's never been a secret or anything, but it's only been true2 for a few years and I guess it hasn't come up with my parents, seeing as I was engaged and am now married3. This isn't a big deal for me but I realize it might be for some, so I guess this is me letting everyone know.




1: More precisely, pansexual
2: Seriously, there was a specific point two years ago before which I wasn't attracted to guys and after which I was
3: Happily, I might add. This change had no significant effect on our relationship