Two Weeks Notice, and the Job Hunt

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I just formally gave notice of my resignation from my current job. There were a lot of factors at play, and overall the work environment didn't work for me, especially considering my pay. My last day will be Tuesday, May 24th.

So now starts the job hunt! My top choice right now is freelance programming work. I've had two major clients since dropping out, and the work has been pretty fun and I'm getting good at it. My experience ranges a bit, including general web programming (using Rails and the occasional PHP and Perl), some speech-to-text work in .Net, Android apps, and scientific programming (including modelling and data analysis). Most of my work so far has been through people I already knew personally, and my first preference would be to work for someone I already know or someone referred to me by someone I already know, but I'm also going to be looking at general job postings. Anyone have any tips for finding freelance projects online?

In case anyone reading this might be interested in hiring me, please feel free contact me at so I can provide more details of my past work, my skills, my rates, etc.