Birthday Resolutions: 22nd Year Edition

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Today's my 21st birthday. Woo hoo, now I'm a first-class citizen! I've never been a really big birthday person1, but I do love an opportunity for reflection and goal setting, so, without further ado, my goals for the 22nd year of my life:

So, that's what I'm going to be doing this year. I've worked on all of these for a while now, but this year I'm really going to focus on them and hammer them down. If I don't procrastinate too much, I'll be sure to keep y'all informed of how it goes!

1: Celebrating on my birthday has been difficult since ninth grade, since it's right in the middle of AP exam week and college finals week
2: I don't mean any disrespect to my father here. He has a lot of different coping mechanisms that allow him to live a really productive, great life, and he's told me he thinks I will be a lot happier when I stop fighting this and accept it as a permanent part of who I am. I just refuse to reach that point without trying everything I can think of to try, and if that means I have the potential to resolve this issue at the cost of potentially wasting a year of my life trying to fix a problem that can't be fixed, I'm ok with that.