Minicon Talks!

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I just got back from the Atlanta Objectivist Society's Mini-Con (which was an awesome time, the subject of a later post), where I gave two talks: one about practical benefits of epistemology and one about regulation in the medical device industry. I recorded both and am posting them here, but I have two disclaimers first: 1. These were informal talks and I make no guarantees about any accuracy. Particularly with the medical devices talk, the particulars I discuss may not be perfect reflections of what actually is in the real world and are more reflections of my memory. 2. I have not edited these, nor listened to them all the way through. Some questions in the Q/A sessions may be difficult to hear; if you want me to try and clarify what was asked at that point give me the time in the lecture and I'll see if I can remember.

Epistemology Talk

Medical Devices Talk