A New Start

Note: This post has been automatically imported from my old blog. Formatting may be incorrect.

This post marks some important beginnings: The beginning of a new blog, of a new domain, of a new server, and a new online identity for me. I will be slowly moving as much of my online presence to this domain over the next few months, and I thought the blog would make as good a start as any. This will serve a few purposes:

1. To link my online identity as much as possible to my offline identity. No pseudonyms, no abbreviations, just Shea.

2. To give me more control over my use of online services. I will control my mail servers, my RSS reader, my blog engine, etc. to a much finer extent than I could have in the past.

3. To provide a sandbox for me to try out different computer projects.

4. To force me to break out of old patterns in a way that hopefully gives me a fresh start from a fairly stagnant recent past (more on this later).

So, welcome to the blog, and look for more content here soon!